Total Install Solutions Aust. Is an owned and operated business currently based in Western Australia, TISAUST came to being when Chris Barrington the owner/operator changed the business from Baztech Audio back in 2001.

Chris has been involved with telecommunications since a child. He loved to ‘tinker’ with all types of electronics and gadgets to find out how they worked and operated. This is where the passion to operate his own business started.

Chris started out as a Telecommunications Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force where he also started his own business on the side to work with on his days off. This business was called Baztech Audio. Baztech Audio was basically created for friends and family at the time but soon became known within the community and blossomed.

From here the business stayed as a sideline while Chris continued to progress within the ranks of the RAAF. Baztech Audio created plenty of work on his days off which kept everything nice and busy for him. With a young family in toe, a move to the NT came about and Baztech Audio was put aside for a little while.

Chris found another market place in the NT where plenty of friends needed work done and soon word spread, Chris had work coming out of his ears. Skip ahead a few years and another break on the Baztech Audio side. A move to Sydney and then back to his home state WA after being discharged from the RAAF, Baztech went quite for a long time. Family and work commitments were a priority at the time so Baztech stayed quite.

Fast forward to 2001 and Total Install Solutions Aust. came alive! Getting the business off the ground wasn’t hard but certainly was not easy. New networks had to be established and new friends made, but Chris stuck it out and it has certainly paid off.

Over the last 14 years Chris has worked for himself as Total Install Solutions Aust. His knowledge of telecommunications has only grown more and more over the years, which has not only benefited the business but also his clients.

Total Install Solutions Aust. works around the state as TISAUST and also contracts to NBN Australia, Skybridge and Fleetwood to name a few. Works completed by TISAUST are of the highest standard and Chris expects nothing less from the work that he completes.

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